My Philosophy

The only way to really do that is to really enjoy it, to really taste it, to really savor it, to really experience it. To really be able to do that, you have to get rid of some things, literally get rid of some things. You have to look at life through a very different lens. And you do that by going through a process. A process which is a lot like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to butterfly. You turn yourself inside out, you take everything on that is absolutely making it so you cannot really breathe, you can’t really live, all of those self centered thoughts, all of those distractions that are all about you. You take those on, and you get rid of them. And you turn yourself completely inside out. And when you do that, and you emerge from that chrysalis with those wings, that carry you without the burden, the attitudes, you begin to see what life is. You look at life from an elevated view. And you are then able to really, really live it. To really inspire all because of that change which you personally made. And they see those wings that you have. And you inspire them to become like that too.

If I could inspire just one to really learn how to find the beauty in this life, to find the self centeredness, self pity, self issues, and to get rid of them, and to replace it with an outward looking perspective of “what can I do?” and, “what difference can I make for someone on this earth?” And when that happens, it could be just like that butterfly effect on the weather. One small act of kindness at a time. One small interception of loneliness for someone else. One small smile, which brightens someone’s day. It has that ripple effect. I would like to inspire just one.

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