Crisis Intervention

with Pajet

In life, especially if you are really living it, there are things that happen unexpectedly. There are moments we experience without asking for them. Sometimes those hard times, those things we weren’t wanting to have be a part of our lives, are moments which can result in personal traumas, and they are always with us. These really tough moments can create little chasms inside of us….we know they are there, yet we continue to try to live life without really having them healed. My wish would be some of these videos will inspire you and help with some of those internal hurts.


Life brings challenges and pain. How you handle them shapes your strength and compassion.

This One’s for the Moms

Recognize that your responsibility, though challenging and sometimes unfair, is incredibly important and impactful.

Natural Disasters

Accepting the unchangeable brings the stability to move forward.


Wow, this is my life! If I don’t let go and enjoy it, I’ll miss out on all the amazing moments!


Getting divorced is always hard. It’s best to forgive, forget, and embrace the new relationships and opportunities that come with a fresh start.

Parting Ways

When someone you love decides to move on, respect their decision and keep loving them.