Dr. Pajét Monet is the Acellus Director of SEL (social and emotional learning) and the spark behind the FireAngel Movement. Pajét is an electrical engineer and a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Monet received her Doctor of Research Degree from the International Academy of Science. She has also owned and operated ComTech Networking, a successful IT business.


I am a red, white and blue country loving Patriot, with deep convictions and a belief in a Divine Creator. I am the kind of lady who will roll up her sleeves and get “dirty” when the job requires it - and love it. I am very opinionated, and respect the right for others to have their opinions as well. I think we should heed the adage from the Cowboy and, “taste our words before we spit them out”. I love fiercely and I live life with passion and gusto! I believe we should live life with the attitude of “this is my world and I am going to do everything in my power to make it beautiful”.

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