What I Believe

My Philosophy

My life’s passion is to help people realize they can live a fulfilling life…

If I could give you a personal message, my aim would be to inspire you to live life to the fullest. Personally, I have found the only way to do that is to really enjoy it, really taste it, really savor it, and engage in really experiencing it.

One small act of kindness. One small interception of loneliness. Just one smile can brighten someone’s day. All of this has a ripple effect. I would like to inspire just one…..

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My Country

Join me in celebrating the birth of our amazing country, the United States of America.

About Me


I graduated from IST with a degree in Electrical Engineering and ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing ComTech Networking. Over seven years, I nurtured it into financial independence.

During my student years at IST, Dr. Roger Billings inspired and mentored me. Collaborating with him on diverse projects, I discovered aspects of potential within myself that I never knew existed. (I graduated as a Life Long Learner.)

After transitioning from my company, I returned to IST as a Life Mentor for countless students, shaping lives as the Acellus Social and Emotional teacher. As the Acellus Social and Emotional teacher, I have the opportunity to guide and inspire millions of young minds, nurturing their growth and fostering their emotional well-being.

Beyond my professional life, my soul finds solace in the embrace of Mother Earth and my passion for horses and German Shepherds. Yet, it’s my deep connection to the millions of “MY” Acellus students and their families which truly fuels my purpose. Each one holds a special place in my heart.