Acellus Learning

Social Emotional Intelligence

As an Acellus Life Mentor, I have the privilege of supporting students from diverse backgrounds as they navigate the ever-changing world we live in. My role is to inspire them to embrace empathy by considering life from different perspectives. I guide them in recognizing their individuality and immense potential. Additionally, I advocate for their well-being, encouraging them to prioritize both their physical health and emotional wellness.


We Are All Beautiful

Everyone is Unique. Realize inside of you is the potential to be absolutely beautiful. Everything we do or don’t do contributes to what we are.


Spin It Off

There are some days when it is just tough and there is a pressure where nothing is exactly wrong and nothing is exactly right. Learn how to take the momentum of spinning, coming to a full-stop and watch the “pressures” fly off.


The Planet AAM

When you are on the AAM planet every single thing is about YOU. It is a very solitary place, a very lonely place, it is a very cold place. It is a place you get when you give into self-pity. Learn how to free yourself….


Be Dependable

When you have the characteristic of being trustworthy and reliable you are a force to be reckoned with.