Celebrating My Country


250 Years…

There is a song, and it’s called 250 years. And it takes you through a story, through a time when our nation was just getting founded, when those men signed their names. A time when we fought, bled, and died; when we made sacrifices for a dream. Now we are going through a time where the right seems wrong and the wrong seems right, and everything seems to be twisted. And yet, there is a dream, a light. And we get to be a part of it.

Pajet Monet

250 Years

New Acellus Course

Traditional Values

In response to requests from parents, Acellus Academy invited Acellus teacher Todd Edmond and myself to film a special course that teaches the traditional American values. These are the values that have shaped this nation, including patriotism and acknowledgement of a Divine Creator. Join Todd Edmond and I on an educational journey that celebrates our nation’s heritage and the freedoms that underpin American democracy.
If you’d like to enroll your student in this special course, please visit AcellusAcademy.com